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23 April 2021, 23:00:00

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Pretteagood EMEA Ltd has seen growth in it's market and business, and after a successful trial trading in the US and Canada, has progressed plans to implement entry to this market on a permanent basis.

Sales in our EMEA Market are up, and the brand is growing, but the way we operate in this market is very different to that of the US and Canada market - we need a consultant to help us with logistics, payments, legal and tax strategies for our new market to ensure we comply with all state laws and market practices.

This is a temporary, short term role that will see through the project for the business to enter a new market.


  • Experience in retail strategy

  • Knowlegeable in tax, payments, and logistics of an ecommerce business in the US and Canada

  • Understands the Company and it's Values

  • Proven track record of success

  • Can work remotely

  • Uses own initiative and motivation


  • Free Tea

  • Competitive Salary

  • Discount for family and friends

  • Workplace learning

  • Flexibility to shape a growing company

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