The prettea tea guide

Welcome to the Prettea Tea Guide, your one stop place to understand the essentials of enjoying tea, how we make it, and some tea lingo for you to get to wraps with. We'll explain the types of tea we sell, how to brew them, and how best to enjoy them.

Types of Tea

At Prettea we have a select range of high quality teas for you to choose from, and from time to time we do change this, and so not all of the teas mentioned in this guide are necessarily in the Prettea range, but they have been, or will be again soon.

Green Tea

Green tea is one of the least processed forms of tea which starts by picking the leaves once they have fully opened. Because of this, green tea retains high levels of antioxidants which are renowned for their health benefits, such as aiding metabolism. Check out our range of Green Teas today!

Black Tea

Black tea, the most well known type, what you're most used to. Black tea is different from green tea, or white tea because it's leaves are fully oxidised. There are many variations of methods and processes used by tea producers throughout the world, hence the variety of colour and flavour. Breakfast teas are usually blends of one or more black teas. Typically, when you're at home you might find black tea in bags, for a cuppa! Our range of Black Teas can be found here.

White Tea

The youngest tea leaves, and most expensive. Well renowned for their high quality, and bold flavours, white tea leaves are some of the finest out there. Barely any processing is carried out for White Tea leaves, other than drying them, due to their natural quality being so delicate. White Teas are best enjoyed hot, and no add ins.

How to brew tea

There are many ways to brew tea, and each blend from Prettea is ​an individual, requiring you to read it's instructions, and follow the method to prepare your perfect cup.

That being said, in general, there's a few things to remember:


What are you using to brew your tea? At Prettea we don't sell our tea in disposable bags, and never in plastic. You can choose to brew your Prettea tea leaves in our range of in cup infusers, tea pots, or if you need a single use option, we do sell paper bags... but only if you can't reuse an infuser!


Use clean, filtered water, heated to the temperature on the bag - too hot and you'll ruin the flavour, and not hot enough... the flavour will stay in the leaves, not your beverage.


It's easy to just stick a tea bag in and leave it, but that brews such a poor tea! Each Prettea tea has a steeping time on the back of the bag, so don't leave it for any longer, or shorter amount of time than we recommend, as it's to infuse the best quality taste.